Fantasy Art by Kathleen McCaffrey. Giclee Editions.
Bring some fantasy into your home
  » Jul 24, 2024  



Kathleen Hoffman-McCaffrey was born in Queens and grew up on Long Island and has been interested in artwork all of her life. Her family was very supportive of her interest in all mediums of art.

Kathleen dabbles in pencil sketching, watercolors, pastels and sculpting, but enjoys oil on cavas the most. Inspiration is taken wherever she can get it, seeing things in a different way. Looking at people and seeing what they might have been in another realm, such as fairies, fauns or mermaids. She has stopped people to ask for a photogaph for future reference. Dragons and unicorns hide in every cloud. Landscape settings are always colorful and interesting.

She is an avid fan of Fantasy and Science Fiction genres in books, movies and art.
Music is very important and always playing while she paints. Some of the music that inspires her is Trans Siberian Orchestra’s Beethoven’s Last Night and all of Mark Wood’s albums (

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