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Dragon Caller Kathy Mccaffrey
Dragon Caller

(Released in 2006)

Professionally stretched your print will have a classic look
Stretching is an established method in finalizing art work and a wonderful choice for any print. Using a high quality frame, the print is stretched and bound to the sides of the frame using the same technique an artist would use for an original work of art. Professionally stretched with care, your print will have a traditional and classic look.

Custom wrapping at affordable prices
A Gallery Wrap is the perfect choice for artists when presenting their work. Using a technique where the canvas is stretched and wrapped around the sides of the stretcher bars and bound to the back of the frame, a Gallery Wrap has a smooth flawless appearance. Hardware such as staples and tacks are not visible. The outer edge of each side of the image is cloned and then mirrored to create a harmonious transition around the entire frame.

Gallery Wrap w/Floater Frame
A Gallery Wrap with Floater Frame is a fantastic combination. A floater frame does not cover the edge of the painting, giving the painting the illusion that it is floating within the frame. This allows for a piece of art to have a stronger impact being framed while still showing off a beautiful gallery wrapped edges.

Gallery Wrap w/Floater Frame
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Frame # 812 - Floater
Frame # 813 - Floater
Frame # 814 - Floater

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